Ultrasonic detection for pregnancy, backfat, loin muscle and breast
Preg Alert Pro


The Preg-Alert has been DISCONTINUED because it is no longer possible to obtain the CRT. It is being replaced by the Preg-Alert Pro. This page is being maintained for reference only."

The PREG-ALERT is a multipurpose ultrasonic instrument for the detection of pregnancy in swine, sheep, cattle, and horses.  Also measures backfat and loin muscle depth in swine, cattle and sheep.

Saves time, increases accuracy and eliminates profit-robbing guesswork from livestock farming.

The RENCO PREG-ALERT does all of this, PLUS reduces the possibilities of abortion and infection which may result from the use of physical methods of pregnancy detection such as palpation or skin-breaking techniques of backfat measurement such as the metal ruler.

A world standard for accuracy and reliability, the RENCO PREG-ALERT uses high frequency sound waves called ultrasound, to detect the amniotic fluid present in pregnancy and the thickness of the tissue layers comprised of fat and loin. Since only sound waves are used, the is no broken skin and no foreign infection carrying material entering the body.

Today, more than ever, livestock farming is a tough, competitive business. High feed and labor costs have created a profit squeeze that demands peak efficiency. 
The RENCO PREG-ALERT provides a valuable and profitable helping hand... A friendly, easy-to-use working tool, that not only pays its way, but provides you with significantly higher profits through increased efficiency in herd management. Now you will be able to cut out the feed wasters and non producers early in the game, as well as more easily make assessments regarding genetics and grading as they relate to the backfat and loin. 

The time at which pregnancy can first be detected, as well as the speed, accuracy, and reliability involved in the uses for which RENCO PREG-ALERT is intended are all vital keys to profitability.

This briefly, is what RENCO PREG-ALERT will do for you*

  • Detect pregnancy in swine at 25-30 days and in many cases as early as 19 days (large litters).
  • Detect pregnancy in cattle as early as 30-37 days.
  • Detect pregnancy in sheep beginning at 60 days (55 for twins) and in many cases, as early as 30 days.
  • Determine pregnancy in horses at 30 days.
  • Determine thickness, in mm, of backfat to 50mm and loin muscle to 200mm, in swine, cattle and sheep.

    *The above claims are based on the use of proper testing programs and operator's skill.

How the RENCO PREG-ALERT works:
The test site on the animal is saturated with a coupling fluid such as oil.   The probe, which emits pulses of ultrasound, is placed on the test site.   These pulses enter the animal and are reflected back to the probe from various internal structures.  Between pulses, the probe "listens" for these reflections, called echoes.  These echoes are then electronically processed to reject those not wanted.  Those which remain are displayed in the form of "spikes" upon the screen of a TV-like tube.  For pregnancy testing, the desired echoes are those returning from the amniotic fluid in the uterus.  The echoes are displayed against   a "baseline" on the screen.  The baseline is divided into zones by markers.  If a spike appears in the proper zone, the animal is pregnant.  In such cases, an audible tone also sounds.

The backfat and loin measuring modes work in the same fashion, except that the baseline has no markers. Instead, the scale at the top of the screen is used.  In the backfat mode, the echoes from the first and second layers of backfat are displayed as spikes that reach up to Backfat scale "B" calibrated from 0-50mm. (a third layer, if present, will also be shown.)  The loin mode is the same, except that Loin scale, "L", is calibrated from 0-200mm, so that echoes returning from the bottom of the loin can be presented.

Download PREG-ALERT Operator's Manual
(16 pages, 1.6 meg PDF File)

Download Checking the accuracy of your Preg Alert
(1 page, 121 KB PDF File)

Download New Sites For The Use Of Pulse-Mode Ultrasound To Detect Pregnancy In Cattle.
(6 pages, 560 KB PDF File)

Download Backfat and Loin Depth Measurement in Cattle.
(2 pages, 166 KB PDF File)

Download Preg-Alert Addendum - Pregnancy Detection in Sheep and Goats.
(1 page, 113 KB PDF File)

Study: Pregnancy Detection in Cattle.
(5 pages, 160 KB PDF File)

Download Pregnancy Detection In Horses Using The Renco Preg-Alert.
(2 pages, 125 KB PDF File)