About Us

Renco Corporation was founded in 1961 as a manufacturer of various products including biomedical devices.

In 1975 we learned that there was a market opportunity for early pregnancy detection in swine and we began utilizing our scientific learnings and resources to develop ultrasonic instrumentation to fill that need. Since that time, we have expanded our product offering to develop and manufacture instruments to measure backfat and loin thickness, as well as developing several multi-functional devices which help the end user maximize time, resources and profits.

Additionally, as our product assortment has grown, Renco instruments have proven effective for use in cattle, sheep, goats and alpacas. Our instruments have been used by researchers working with other mammals and animals to measure blubber in seals, pregnancy testing in porpoise and breast measurement in poultry.

Today, Renco products are in use in over 120 countries and have become the industry standard. As the world’s premier manufacturer of ultrasonic instrumentation for agriculture, we believe that the Renco brand name will be familiar to those who are involved with commercial animal production worldwide.