Ultrasonic detection for pregnancy, backfat, loin muscle and breast
Ultrasound for Ultra-Profits

We are very pleased to announce the newest addition to our product line, the PREG-ALERT PRO®. The Preg-Alert Pro is the next generation of the world-famous Preg-Alert, which has now been discontinued after an incredible 30 year run.

Using state of the art microprocessor-based technology, we have been able to provide many new features and to do so at a considerable cost reduction!. The instrument still provides an analog display similar to that of the Preg-Alert, but the display is considerably enhanced for accuracy and ease of reading. Click here to get full information.

If you are in meat production, our products will increase your profitability and operating efficiency by providing knowledge to better control the use of feed additives, reduce costs and increase the quality of your meat product.

Renco has patented and manufactured these types of instruments going on 40 years, longer than anyone else in the business. Our success has been possible due to the proven quality of the products, which have consistently excelled in published studies done by institutions throughout the world.

Renco ultrasonic detection products are marketed and stocked by a worldwide network of resellers, many of whom also service our products.

All RENCO Products are 100% manufactured in the USA

Mammal Pregnancy Detection

These Renco instruments provide a fast non-invasive way to determine if a mammal is pregnant at an early stage of gestation.


Measure backfat, loin muscle and breast.

These instruments quickly and non-invasively measure thickness of backfat, loin muscle and breast.


NEW! Preg-Alert Pro
Preg-Tone, mammal pregnancy detection Preg-Tone II, mammal pregnancy detection Sono-Grader, swine management Preg-Alert Pro, Backfat and Loin Lean-Meater, back fat thickness