Ultrasonic detection for pregnancy, backfat, loin muscle and breast

Ultrasonic Detection Products

Renco manufactures ultrasonic instrumentation for the detection of pregnancy in mammals and for the measurement of tissue thickness in various animals.

Preg Alert Pro, Animal Pregnancy

Sono-Grader Model 2, Swine Management

Preg Tone, Ultrasonic Pregnancy Detection

Preg Tone II Plus, Detect Pregnancy Quickly

Lean Meater, Fat Measurement

Renco Professional Products

Renco Corporation has over 35 years experience testing and manufacturing ultrasound equipment. Click on a product for more information.


Preg-Alert Pro ®

The PREG-ALERT PRO® is a multi-purpose, microprocessor based A-Mode ultrasonic instrument providing a digitally enhanced analog presentation (similar to the Preg-Alert, but with greatly improved readability and ease of use and accuracy).  It is used for the detection of pregnancy in most mammals ranging in size from large rabbits to cattle.  Also, for the thickness measurement of backfat and loin muscle and for blubber thickness in certain aquatic animals and breast thickness in chickens.  It provides all of the functionality of the former world-famous Preg-Alert plus several new features.

Retail price in the United States: $1,495.00

Optional Deep Probe for Cattle, mares and other large mammals: $409.00

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Sono-Grader® Model 2

The SONO-GRADER® Model 2 is the most advanced agricultural ultrasound instrument available.  This remarkable instrument will store data for up to 2,000 hogs and will upload the information to a PC.

  • Features pregnancy detection, as well as backfat and loin muscle measurement in numerous mammals.
  • Disposable batteries

Retail price in the United States: $2,171.00

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The Renco PREG-TONE® has been tested against other ultrasonic pregnancy detection instruments by leading universities throughout the world.  Their studies show it to be the superior instrument, in both accuracy and ease of use. 

  • Rechargeable battery
  • Major applications: Swine, Ewes, Goats

Retail price in the United States: $472.00

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Preg-Tone II Plus®

Detect pregnancy in swine fast, accurately and efficiently with the PREG-TONE II Plus® from Renco. 

  • Disposable battery

Retail price in the United States: $249.00
With Earphone: $274.00

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The Renco LEAN-MEATER® uses pulsed ultrasound to measure the backfat depth of your growing hogs, sheep and cattle.  It is designed to measure the total depth of backfat.  It is a fully portable, all-metal, hand-held instrument powered by rechargeable batteries.  Extensive training is not required.

Retail price in the United States: $592.00

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