About Us

Renco Corporation was founded in 1961. We manufactured various other products including biomedical devices. In 1975, we found that there was a major market for our ultrasonic instruments in agriculture. We have been manufacturing these products since 1975.

Our products soon became the industry standards. As the world’s premier manufacturer of ultrasonic instruments for the detection of pregnancy and for measurement of backfat and loin thickness, Renco Corporation has been a leading innovator of technology.

Considering initial investment, cost of maintenance, cost of use, and return on investment, Renco products are the most cost effective instruments available and are in use in over 120 countries. The durability of our products and suitability to intended purpose, is attested to by the fact that our service records indicate many instruments made in the 1970’s are still in active use.

In addition to being used for farm animals, the instruments have also been used by researchers working with other interesting mammals and animals, such as blubber measurement in seals, pregnancy testing in the porpoise, and breast measurement in poultry.

The ability to increase profits, plus the ability of the products to get the job done at an affordable cost, accounts for the tens of thousands that have been sold. They are arguably the most popular instruments for these applications in the world. Thus we have coined the trademark: “Ultrasound for Ultraprofits”®

We believe that the Renco brand name will be familiar to those who are involved with commercial animal production everywhere in the world.