Ultrasonic detection for pregnancy, backfat, loin muscle and breast

Sono-Grader® Model 2

SONO-GRADER... Now Have Total Swine Management Record Keeping Control!

Now...The power of productivity fits in your hand. The SONO-GRADER is a programmable hand held computer operated A-mode ultrasound tester.   It measures both total depth of backfat and loin muscle, and can also detect pregnancy in swine, sheep, goats, and certain other mammals.  The SONO-GRADER will store the test results, the identification number, and the weight of each hog.   The testing procedure can be customized to fit the needs of the individual operator.  The SONO-GRADER comes with a docking station.  You can enter the weight manually with the keypad or use a docking station to communicate directly with many electronic scales to acquire weight.  It will store up to 2,000 tests before you need to link through the docking station to a personal computer or to a printer to save or print the test results.

SONO-GRADER Model 2 Features:

  • Computer operated.  Will not become obsolete.
  • Tests for backfat on three locations.
  • Stores data on 2,000 hogs.
  • Programmable to fit your operation.
  • Internal memory powered by long life lithium battery.
  • LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) has back-lighting for high visibility.
  • Docking station for linking the instrument to a computer or electronic scale.

Flexibility is the key to a successful program.  TheSONO-GRADER is very flexible in its record keeping.  The records can be accessed one at a time from the LCD readout for on the spot data.  The SONO-GRADER is equipped to upload the stored information through its docking station to the RS-232 port on your personal computer.  Stored information can be imported by most computers and software via a standard ASCII data file.  With the SONO-GRADER it is also possible to print stored records directly to an optional stand alone printer.

  1. Upload to your Personal computer!
  2. Acquire weight data from electronic scales!
  3. Send records directly to your printer

The programming flexibility of the SONO-GRADER lets you decide how you use it.

  • The sequence of scanning activity
  • The identification numbers used
  • The number of probe sites
  • How to enter the weight
  • Whether to upload information to your computer or send reports directly to your printer

Built tough for hard working conditions.
The SONO-GRADER is very portable and durable.  Renco has spent many years proving the materials used in the construction and application of the SONO-GRADER.  Extensive research was required to produce the best possible look and feel.  Built to be used right or left handed for ease of testing.

Power management feature makes possible up to 100 hours of battery life from only 4 AA disposable batteries.  Stored information is not lost when the unit shuts off or the batteries run down.  The internal memory is protected by an extremely long life lithium battery.

Retail price in the United States: $2,221.00

Download SONO-GRADER USER'S GUIDE, Version 4.7
Download SONO-GRADER Software
Download SONO-GRADER MODEL 2 USER'S GUIDE, Version 4.5